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Terms & Conditions

Chapter 1: General Terms & Conditions


Article 1: Purpose

The purposes of the General Terms and Conditions (the “conditions”) are to determine the terms necessary for using services (the “services”) provided by the A.I.M. Asset Management Company (hereafter referred to as “A.I.M.”) to its customers and members and to define the conditions and procedures that are required to use other related services.


Article 2: Effectiveness and Alterations of the Terms

1. The conditions become effective as are announced to the members.

2. In case of critical incidents, A.I.M. have the rights to amend the conditions without prior notices. The amended conditions become effective as they are announced, just as mentioned in Clause 1.

3. Members have the rights to withdraw their memberships in case they do not agree to the amended conditions. In case they continue to use the services after the amended conditions become effective, it is assumed that they have agreed to the amendments of the conditions.


Article 3: Rules not specified

If rules that are not specified in the conditions are specified elsewhere in relevant regulations, they must be abided to.


Article 4: Definitions of terms

Following are the definitions of terms that are used throughout the conditions.

1. A.I.M.: refers to the A.I.M. Asset Management Company

2. KVG1: refers to the KVG-1 Entrusted Management REIT

3. KVG2: refers to the KVG-2 Corporate Restructuring REIT

4. KVG H-4: refers to the KVG H-4 Corporate Restructuring REIT

5. SY-IND: refers to the SY-IND Corporate Restructuring REIT

6. User: refers to individuals that are granted to receive service from A.I.M. under the service agreement

7. ID: refers to the email address provided by the user in the purpose of using online services provided by A.I.M

8. Passwords: refers to the pass codes registered by the user in purpose of the user’s identification

9. Restriction of Services: refers to A.I.M’s restriction of user services in case the user breaches the conditions or harms the public


10. Termination: refers to the user’s termination of service agreement


Chapter 2: Registration and Services


Article 5: The Service Contract Agreement

1. A service agreement is settled when a user request is accepted by A.I.M. and the user agrees to the conditions.

2. User registration must be done under the user’s own information.

3. ID and Passwords are provided upon the registration, and user services are provided after A.I.M. approves the registration.

4. A.I.M. have the rights to remove or delete users that:

l  Have used another individual’s information to register

l  Have registered in purpose of impeding with the society’s orderliness or common sense

l  Have provided fake or dishonest information


Article 6: The User Responsibilities

1. All responsibilities related to the management of ID and Passwords are on the user.

2. If a user’s ID has been used inappropriately, the user is responsible of informing A.I.M. of this.

3. Users must abide to the conditions as well as the relevant regulations.


Chapter 3: The Services Usage


Article 7: Restriction from Using Services

A.I.M. has the rights to terminate or temporarily restrict a user’s service usage without prior notice if the user:

1. Has harmed public orderliness or common sense

2. Has been associated with a crime

3. Has been using the services in the purpose of diminishing public or societal benefits

4. Has stolen another person’s ID or passwords

5. Has harmed or adversely affected another person’s reputation

6. Has registered for two or more accounts

7. Has adversely affected the services or disrupted proper usage of the services

8. Has breached the conditions or relevant regulations


Article 8: Removal of the Restriction

1. In case A.I.M. restricts a user in accordance with the conditions, A.I.M. informs the cause, date and duration and makes an announcement by letter, phone calls, website, or in other ways. However, in case A.I.M. regards as emergency, A.I.M. has the right to not inform.

2. In case A.I.M. finds out that the restriction cause has been resolved during the restriction, A.I.M. shall remove the restriction immediately.

Chapter 4: Providing Information

Article 9: Providing Information

1. A.I.M. has the right to provide information that are deemed necessary to its members by methods including mail or email.

2. These conditions are in effect as of March 31, 2017.

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