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Corporate Restructuring Real Estate Investment Trusts Co.,Ltd

(As of 09.2013)


SY-IND, as a company established based on the Real Estate Investment Company Act, distributed its profits from the acquisition and operation of factory sites and machineries to its investors. SY-IND was the first case of industrial REIT, which converted industrial real estate properties into investable assets. It made huge contributions in diversifying Korean REITs investments, which were previously only focused on offices, to other areas.

Investment Attraction Factors and Major Changes in the Asset


High Stability & High Returns

SY-IND accomplished high stability and high returns simultaneously by establishing a 5-year lease with Ssangyong Cement, the top Korean cement company at the time.

Stability of the Ssangyong Cement and the Cement Industry

Due to the increased prices of cement and the decreased prices of raw materials, SY-IND had led the trend of increasing profitability throughout its management. Ssangyong Cement, in particular, was the leading cement company in Korea at the time.


Termination of Management

Management of the company SY-IND was terminated in September 2013.




Investment Report


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