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(As of 12.2020)

AIM Cross-Border Value Investment 1 REIT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AIM C-1, REITs”) is a company established in accordance with the Real Estate Investment Company Act, for the purposes of providing attractive returns and means of avoiding risks to the

investors, ultimately contributing to establish and activate indirect investment in Korea.

Our firm established AIM US Real Estate Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “US-REIT”) in the US for the purpose of acquiring and operating land and buildings (Samsung Electronics Americas headquarters) located in 85 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA.

We have acquired the land and buildings located in 85 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA,

our main assets, at the optimal time(at the time of business start-up). During the period of operation,

our main goal is to generate stable income through lease agreements with Samsung Electronics Americas and enhance asset values through systematic and transparent management.

We hold disposal principles to drive up the profitability by disposing the property at approximately

3 years after acquisition for the optimal price.




Investment Report



Investment Attraction Factors and Major Changes in the Asset


Attractive Location

Our assets is directly connected to New York, Manhattan, Bronx and Westchester counties from I-95 in The State of New Jersey. Located within 2.6 miles from the George Washington Bridge, our asset provides excellent access to key points. Our Asset is located within 7 miles of Secaucus Junction train station, which is a train transfer

base in the northern part of New Jersey, thus providing convenience for the usage of public transportations. Also,

a residential area with more than 500 households nearby is within walking distance, providing a convenient

environment for office workers.


High Investment Value

The anchor tenant, Samsung Electronics Americas (hereinafter referred to as “S.E.A.”) is solely owned by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,(South Korea), and has achieved a 20.5% market share in the US home appliance market in 2019 as well as the No. 1 market share for 16 consecutive quarters, and is a superior tenant showing steady growth and high creditworthiness with net incomes of 1.1 trillion. 99.7% of this asset is leased, and the remaining area is also leased to a company that provides services to S.E.A. concluding to a 0% vacancy rate, ensuring stable rental income.

Termination of Management

In order to improve the working environment of S.E.A, we have spent 10 million dollars in the past 10 years and an additional 2 million dollars for capital expenditures in the last 3 years, maintaining the building is an excellent

condition. As the asset is maintained in an excellent condition, it is expected to gain a healthy margin at the time of disposal.


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AIM - C1
A.I.M. Cross-Border Value Investment 1 REIT Co., Ltd.
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