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Privacy Policy

A.I.M. Asset Management Company collects and manages user data according to the following Privacy Policy in accordance with the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT: ARTICLE 30 and the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION: ARTICLE 27-2, with the goal of protecting users’ private information.


Purposes of Collecting Information

A.I.M. collects private information for the following purposes. These information are not used in any ways other than mentioned below, and in case they are to be used in different purposes, necessary actions will be taken in accordance with the PERSONAL INFORATION PROTECTION ACT, including asking for additional permits.

(1) Membership registration and personal identification to provide service

(2) Personal identification for access to restricted information

Information Collected

A.I.M. only collects email addresses for identification and service providing purposes. A.I.M. do not collect information that can be used to cause critical damages to privacy, such as races, beliefs, origins, political preferences, crime records, health records, etc.


Information Kept/Used Durations and Disposal Procedures

A.I.M. immediately disposes information in following ways when user private information become unrequired for reasons such as termination of duration or achievements of goals, unless such information records are mandated to be kept by regulations.

(1) Electronic Files: Permanently deleted in unrestorable ways

(2) Physical Copies: Shredded or incinerated

Personal Information Protection Department

A.I.M. designates the following department to remain in charge of personal information protection and handle related problems. Users may send enquiries about privacy information protection to the following department in charge of personal information protection.


Personal Information Protection Department: Asset Management Department (

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